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84 minutes, Transylvanian Saxon, German, Romanian, English, with English subtitles.

A reflection on migration and identity through the lives of a European ethnic minority. Thirty years after their parents emigrated from Transylvania the young Transylvanian Saxons hold on to their heritage in a globalised Europe. The choral story of a family, of people who are learning to change in order not to disappear.

Direction, cinematography, sound by Jacopo Marzi
Producer Elena Santamaria

Editor: Emiliano Battista
Co-Cinematographer Davide Bertuccio
Sound design by Lorenzo Sattin
Colorist Davide Pini
Production Oxygene Film Production LTD (UK), JM Films (IT)


41st NAFA International etnographic film festival Transylvania, Romania 
Lift-Off Global Network Berlin, Germany
Astra Film Festival Sibiu, Romania
BDC Discoveries Sofia, Bulgaria
Astra Film Lab Winner of the Post-Production Award Sibiu, Romania
ZagrebDox Pro Zagreb, Croatia

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