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2019, Thriller/Drama, 18min/ English / Commissioned by DLVBBDO

A Counter Terrorism undercover Unit is suspecting a young Middle Eastern man of a plot to blow up the city on New Year’s Eve. The surveillance around him is tight, tracking his social media activity and moves, as he drives his van around London. They try to nail him, but their plan fails...

 with Helena Cullinan, Fionn Walton, Tia Bannon, Sophie Mercell, Areeb Ullah

Writers: Mo Mesrati, Nisrine Mansour
Director: Francesca Castelbuono
Producers: Nicola Cavalazzi, Elena Santamaria
Production Company: Oxygene Film, Subframe Media

Director of Photography: Michel Franco
Production Designer: Paulina Rzeszowska
Editor: Adriano Patruno
Music by: Nene H



ONE SUPER 8 CARTRIDGE - NO EDITING - This film, starring Ray Winstone has been selected for the London Premiere of the Straight 8 competition 


Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Running Time: 3'19''

Format: Super8

Director: John Dodds

Writer: Alistair Bryson 

Starring: Ray Winstone

Music by John Harle



THE GHOST - An OxyGene Films and Ribeye Films co-production


UK, 2018

Genre: Drama

Language: English

Running Time: 23min

Directed by Garrick Lee Hamm

Written by Garrick Lee Hamm, based on the novel of Julie Welch and Rob White

Cast: Emilia FoxAggy K. Adams,Felix Jamieson 

Music by Joel Humlen

When Spurs legend John White was killed by a bolt of lightning in 1964, the football world was rocked by the tragedy. He was just 27 years old. His son, Rob, was only six months old and never knew his father.

The man who was revered by hundreds of thousands of football fans across the country was a stranger to his own son.

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