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OxyGene Film Productions is a media production company led by creative producers with a strong background in production management for feature films, high-end TV series, and documentaries in the UK and Europe*. After collaborating with award-winning directors and producers, we are now focused on creating our own content.

The company initially began its journey by producing short films and documentaries in partnership with our producing ally, Subframe Media. Over time, we have become increasingly involved in documentaries, exploring the fine line between fiction and reality.

Through our storytelling, we strive to make sense of the world around us.


Guided by the principles of Third Cinema, we believe that a better world is possible and cinema has the power to accelerate this process. Our primary interest lies in narratives that bridge the world of art and activism, serving as tools for social change. We are committed to character-driven stories that humanize important issues. Currently, we are producing a social impact documentary that exposes the exploitation of one of the world's largest coal mines through the eyes of a young female land defender.

*IMDB page here!


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